R.I.P. Mrs. Cnopius, victim #77 (at least) of the 1906 Santa Rosa Earthquake. She died two years and two months after the disaster, but it was not completely unexpected. In the very first report after the quake, the April 18 Santa Rosa Republican noted that she was “believed to be fatally hurt.” Three days later, the Democrat-Republican gave her a slight upgrade: “Mrs. L. C. Cnopius, believed to have been fatally injured, is improving nicely.” Well, she wasn’t; she never recovered from her unknown injuries and shock, dying in a well-respected San Francisco hospital, “Adler’s Sanitarium.”

The 1906 earthquake “body count” overview has been updated to include her, as have the spreadsheet and PDF files.

Passing of Mrs. Lewis C. Cnopius Deeply Regretted By a Very Large Circle of Friends

After many, weary months of invalidism, hopeful till the last that there would be a return of the depleted strength, Mrs. Lewis C. Cnopius passed to her eternal rest at two o’clock on Sunday morning. Her death has occasioned general regret among a very large circle of friends in this city, and throughout the state who knew her and esteemed her for her many kindly traits of character and the genuineness of her friendship. Mrs. Cnopius never really rallied her full strength after the terrible shock of the earthquake disaster in this city. Change of climate combined with the best medical attention were given her in the hope that thay would prove beneficial. She improved and right up to the time of her death she was apparently getting better. Towards the end she took a sudden change for the worse and sank… Mrs. Cnopius died in Adler’s Sanitarium in San Francisco, where she had been undergoing treatment.


– Press Democrat, June 23, 1908

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