More thumbnail portraits of the mucky side of 1906 Santa Rosa, like the problem of streets knee-deep in mud.

Complaints of Expectoration on Show Windows are Again Heard

Any citizen who chances to observe some dirty individual or individuals, who take apparent delight in expectorating on the show windows of Fourth street stores, will immediately apprehend them and turn the culprits over to the police officers, by so doing they will confer a great favor on several merchants who have been annoyed in this way lately. Another complaint was heard on Wednesday. The police officers are on the lookout and will endeavor to put a stop to the filthy habit. It is also said that attempts have been made to scratch show windows with diamonds. Severe punishment should be meted out to offenders, who have nothing better to do than such mischief. In more than one instance tobacco juice has been squirted on the glass.

– Press Democrat, February 15, 1906

Overrun with Vagrant Dogs

The City of Santa Rosa is becoming overrun with vagrant dogs, and it is high time the city authorities are doing something to abate this evil. Since the last poundmaster was relieved of his position something like a year ago, there has been no effort to curb the dogs running loose in the streets, and the consequence is that the city has becom overrun with the vagrant canines.

These dog scratch up lawns, make it almost impossible in some localities to start new lawns owing to the proclivities of the canines to dig holes in the lawns. These dogs also become a nuisance in the business districts where merchants are compelled to place goods in front of their establishments for display. It would seem good judgement to appoint a poundmaster for the city.

– Santa Rosa Republican, March 22, 1906

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