Rule of thumb: While you’re getting beat up, it’s never a good idea to become trapped in a barber’s chair.

The brawl that started at the Blue Wing saloon in downtown Santa Rosa spilled over into the barber shop next door. One fighter was caught in the chair, where his leg was broken in two places and an arm broken as well. So frenetic was the action that even someone who tried to break up the scuffle was thought to have a broken arm.

George Cogswell Sustains Several Injuries

In a fight at the Blue Wing saloon at First and Main streets Sunday afternoon between George Cogswell and James Campion, the former sustained a number of broken bones. One of his legs was broken in two places, and he is said to have also had one bone of his right arm broken. He became entangled in a barber chair and it was while thus entangled that the bones of the leg were broken. The man’s injuries were dressed by Dr. J. W. Jesse after which he was taken to his home near this city.

A peacemaker, who endeavored to separate the combatants, was also injured, and for a time it was believed he had sustained a broken arm.

– Santa Rosa Republican, November 16, 1908

The fight Sunday evening in which George Cogswell sustained a broken leg took place in a barber shop adjoining the Blue Wing saloon. S. H. McKee, of the Blue Wing, declares this barber shop has no connection with the business whatever.

– Santa Rosa Republican, November 19, 1908

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