Although there were fewer than eight hundred telephones in all of Santa Rosa in early 1905, the phone company was already pressing customers to signup for upgraded services at a higher price. Also: the latest model phones are prettier, and so tiny! Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.

Small Raise in Price for New Four Party Lines – Contracts Now Being Made

Harry Kahn of San Francisco, contract agent of the Sunet [sic] Telephone and Telegraph Company, is in the City of the Roses for an indefinite stay. His business here is to explain to subscribers of the company the benefits to be derived from the change of the local system from ten party lines to four party lines. The company will increase the cost to subscribers for the four party lines to $1.50 per month for residences and $2 per month for business houses.


One particular feature which will recommend itself is that in case of complaints on a four party line they are easier rectified, and damages to the line are more easily repaired. Then with the smaller number of persons using the line there will be fewer responses of “Line busy” from the operator at central, and a consequent decrease of the ill humor and profanity which the subscribers are wont to use.


Manager Nephi L. Jones believes that the new phones will be here within possibly thirty days, and the work of installing them will be begun as soon as they arrive. They will be more ornamental than the ones now in use, and only about half as large…

– Santa Rosa Republican, January 9, 1905

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