Apparently one American out of two million drops dead from varicose vein problems in their legs. Who knew? Forewarned is forearmed! (Or forelegged, or four legged, or…never mind)

George C. Day Meets With a Peculiar Accident on Thursday

While engaged in blacking his shoes in the rear of C. A. Wright & Co.’s store on Thursday morning, George C. Day, the well known assistant in that store for many years, met with a peculiar accident. A varicose vein in his leg suddenly burst and he lost a considerable quantity of blood before it was staunched. With a towel wound tightly around the open vein Mr. Day went hurriedly to a physician’s office and was given medical attention. He was then removed to his rooms, being very weak from the loss of life fluid. The vein had troubled him for several years and on account of this he had worn an elastic stocking. The strain of the bent knee while the shoe blacking was in progress caused the severing of the vein. Mr. Day’s many friends hope that he will soon be able to resume his duties. He will have to rest easily for a short time. The accident on Thursday morning naturally alarmed him considerably.

– Press Democrat, April 22, 1904

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